Kmeťkova 16, 949 01 Nitra, Slovenská republika

Legal services

We provide legal services in various branches of law in accordance with Slovak legislation. We focus on professional approach and individual requirements of our clients. Services are practiced either in slovak or english language.

  • Legal service related to civil contracts (contract of purchase, contract for work, deed of gift, contract of exchange etc.)

  • Representation in cases related to indemnity and unjust enrichment

  • Legal service related to property rights and legal interests

  • Common – law extortion

  • Representation in front of courts

  • Representation in neighbourhood disputes and disputes resulting from divided co-ownership

  • Establishment of companies, business share transfers, registration of all changes of companies in Registrar of Companies, preparation of corporate documents (partnership agreement, etc.)

  • Elaboration and marking up contracts within business field

  • Representation in commercial disputes and proceedings related to Registrar of Companies

  • Trademark registration within the Slovak Republic, the EU and international trademarks

  • Registration in the Register of Public Sector Partners

  • Preparation of comprehensive legal documentation related to transfers of property rights to real estate, including a proposal to deposit property rights to the land registry (also in electronic form)

  • Authorization of transfer contracts

  • Preparation and assessment of reservation, purchasing, confusion, donation, backup, rental and other contracts

  • Comprehensive legal services related to land adjustments

  • Komplex legal service related to permanent and temporary residence permit
  • Legal service in the are of Slovak citizenship acquisition
  • Preparation of contractual documentation for athletes, sports experts and sports organizations

  • Representing clients in front of national and international sports bodies (Dispute Resolution Chamber of Slovak football association, FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber, …)

  • Comprehensive legal services relating to internal sports regulations of international organizations (such as FIFA, UEFA) and internal regulations of individual national associations

  • Recovery of claims resulting from infringement of contractual obligations and sports regulations

  • Representation in matters of implementation of claim relating to Training Compensation and Solidarity Payments

  • Legal services in marriage divorce

  • Legal services in the matter of modification of maintenance obligations

  • Legal advice and representation in the matters of settlement of matrimonial assets

  • Representation in front of state administration authorities as well as in area management, construction, land registry and final building approval proceedings

  • Preparation of legal documentation within construction law (development contracts, construction contracts, etc.)

  • Representation in the matter of administrative justice


The commission is determined on the basis of the Decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic no. 655/2004 Coll. on rewards and replacations of lawyers for providing legal services. Depending on the individual client requirements and specific characteristics of the case, several ways of rewards of the lawyer can be agreed. Contractual remuneration can be agreed as: hourly, flat-rate, share, tariff or combined reward.


Education and experience

JUDr. Dominik Lednický successfully completed Master´s study at the Pan-European University, Faculty of Law, seated in Bratislava in the year 2015.

He attended the Erasmus Education Program in 2013, in which one semester studied at the Turgut Özal University situated in the capital of Turkey in Ankara. In addition to the extension of the legal experience, he acquired basics of the Turkish language. During his university studies, he gained his first practical experience at the Ružička Csekes Law Firm in Bratislava.

After graduating, he started working as a trainee attorney at the Jurovatý & Partners Law Firm in Nitra. In 2017, he successfully passed a rigorous exam and defended a rigorous thesis on the basis of which he was awarded the title “JUDr.” (Doctor of Laws).

In 2020 he successfully passed the bar exams and since september 2020 he has been registered in the list of lawyers of the Slovak Bar Association under reg. no. 8068.


Attorney at Law


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